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Our aim, with your help, is to make a better world. We are committed to assisting mothers and children around the world, through the

Every Australiana Botanicals purchase contributes towards empowering women and children in underdeveloped countries, aiming to provide health care, clean water, education, and opportunity… and to lift some of life’s burdens.

In partnership with Australiana Botanicals and our Ambassador Ky Furneaux, you can participate in lifting some of life’s burdens for women and children in need around the world.

Meet Ky

Ky Furneaux overcame a devastating auto accident when she was a teenager to become a world-leading Hollywood stunt performer, adventurer, survivalist, and author. Appearing in over 50 well-known movies and winning “worlds best” female stunt performer Ky has reached the pinnacle of success. An accomplished survivalist she has appeared in several Discovery Channel survival shows. She has authored multiple books, published in the US and Australia, aimed at helping women overcome their own challenges and reach their own potential. A sought after motivational speaker Ky now spends much of her time “giving back”. We are pleased to partner with her in our humanitarian outreach.

Here are Some of our Projects Together:

Bright Futures of Bardia

With Ky, we’ve made a commitment to the children at Bardia Memorial school in Thakurdwara Nepal that will guarantee a quality education for them today and into the future.

Offering educational opportunities creates a brighter future for these beautiful children and reduces the risk of them being trafficked into India.

Projects such as this change the future for individual children, and in turn, their children, breaking the cycle of poverty.

Global Polio Eradication Initiative

Since 1985 Rotary International and its partners have reduced the number of polio cases from 350,000 annually to less than 100 in 2018. They remain committed to eradicating polio completely. This action has changed the lives of millions of children in many countries.

It costs only 80 cents to immunize a child.

Such a small price to pay for a life saved

Child Sponsoring

Partnering with World Vision, Australiana is reaching out to individual children in need, such as Dina B. and Dayana C.

Dina and Dayana both live in poor communities in Peru. In conjunction with World Vision we sponsor these children and provide needed resources, not just to the child but to the communities as a whole.

Won’t you join us in our quest?

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